Learning any language requires practice and patience on the part of the learner. In order to get the proper practice, you will need to have several resources with a variety of teaching styles to help you learn in various ways. The average length of time to learn a new language is between six months and one year. To become fluent in that language typically requires daily use of the language, association with others that speak that language on a regular basis and writing as well as reading in that language for at least one year after the language has been learned.

Fast Track French, located at http://fasttrackfrench.com, teaches with a variety of methods on the subject of how to learn french within a small time frame. After taking all of the lessons, the student should be able to speak, write and understand the French language. The program uses a variety of tools to help the student learn the language including worksheets, conversation builders, quizzes, tests and additional practice videos. If necessary, the learner can also use an French audio learning compact disc (CD) to play in a vehicle if they plan on traveling in a vehicle or with a CD player for an extended period of time.

At Fast Track French, the live teachers are native French speakers. They are able to use a video broadcasting tool to help each student that may need assistance. The times and dates for each live lesson may be scheduled at the convenience of the learner.

Each lesson is one hour and most students can learn the language with twenty lessons in addition to the supplemental learning. The instructor may modify the lesson plan if she feels the student is not grasping the material. More attention is also given to each student because the classes have only the instructor and one student to avoid distracting questions other students may have.


After all the lessons have been completed and if the student still does not feel comfortable with the language, the lessons may be reviewed whenever the student wants. If the student prefers a live teacher again, the student can purchase a one month lesson on the website. If the student prefers a different teacher or the lessons as they are taught are not being received effectively, the student may request a different instructor or a refund. The complaint will be investigated and a solution will be presented to the student for acceptance.